1. Site Set up and Admin Panel

  1. Registration and Thank You Page:

    • After registering, you'll be redirected to the thank-you page with your order ID and email details.
  2. Accessing Admin Panel:

    • Wait for the site to be set up; it might show "Site Pending" initially.
    • Once ready, click the "Admin Panel" link to access the backend of your site directly.
    • It's a WordPress install; focus on the "Pages" link in the left-hand menu.

2. Editing the Home Page

  1. Accessing Home Page:

    • In the WordPress dashboard, click on "Pages" and select the "Home" page to edit.
  2. Customizing Site Details:

    • Enter your business or personal name in the provided field, which acts as a substitute for a logo.
    • Obtain your scheduling link from your scheduling software (e.g., Calendly). For Calendly, find your event and copy the link.
    • Paste the scheduling link into the respective field.
    • Retrieve your "My Business Report" referral link from the HireACoach dashboard. Copy the assessment link and paste it into the appropriate field.
    • Remove the default photo by clicking on it, then click "Add Image."
    • Upload your custom photo from your computer, select it, and click "Update" to save changes.
  3. Viewing Your Site:

    • Click "Visit Site" in the upper left-hand corner to view your site.
    • Right-click and open it in a new tab to keep both the backend and frontend open for reference.
  4. Site Navigation:

    • Your Lite Starter Site includes your custom photo, your name or business name, and links throughout the site leading to your specific affiliate link for "My Business Report" and your scheduling link.

Congratulations! Your Lite Starter Site is now live and customized with your details. For additional functionalities and more customization options, consider upgrading to the Starter Site. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please refer to our support documentation.