1. Launching Your Coach Starter Site

  1. Registration and Payment:

    • After registering and completing the payment process, you'll be redirected to a thank-you page.
    • Initially, you'll see a "Pending" badge under the site, which will change to "Ready" within a few minutes.
    • Once it's ready, you'll receive a confirmation email and can access your site's admin panel.
  2. Accessing Admin Panel:

    • Click the admin panel link on the thank-you page or use the "Visit" button to access the backend of your site.
    • It's recommended to go directly to the admin panel to start customizing your site.

2. Editing the Home Page

  1. Accessing the Edit Page:

    • In the WordPress dashboard, navigate to the "Pages" link on the left-hand menu.
    • Click on "Home" or "Edit" to access the home page for customization.
  2. Customizing Site Logo:

    • Remove the existing logo and click "Add Image."
    • Upload your logo file (JPEG or PNG with no background) and select one.
    • Click "Select" to add your logo to the site.
  3. Setting Site Accent Color:

    • Click "Select Color" to choose a color from the picker or paste your hex code.
    • Choose a bold, legible color that works well with white text.
    • Click "Update" to save changes and refresh the site to see the updated color and logo.
  4. Customizing Call-to-Action Buttons:

    • Modify button labels and add URLs for both Call-to-Action and Transitional Call-to-Action.
    • Use scheduling software (e.g., Calendly) for appointment bookings and referral links.
    • Click "Update" to save changes.
  5. Customizing Header Content:

    • Customize the pre-header, headline, and copy for your site's header.
    • Keep the text short, clear, and concise for optimal visibility.
    • Click "Update" to save changes.
  6. Customizing Header Image:

    • Remove the existing header image and click "Add Image."
    • Upload your header image and click "Select" to add it to your site.
    • Click "Update" to save changes.
  7. Customizing About/Bio Content:

    • Modify the subheadline and content in the About/Bio section.
    • Update the introductory text and add an image for the bio section.
    • Click "Update" to save changes.

3: Finalizing Your Starter Site

  1. Site Review:

    • Verify all customized sections (logo, colors, buttons, header, and bio content).
    • Ensure everything aligns with your branding and preferences.
  2. Next Steps: Pointing Your Domain Name (Covered in Separate Video):

    • Watch the next video tutorial in our documentation for instructions on pointing your custom domain name.

Congratulations! Your Coach Starter Site is now personalized and ready to represent your coaching business online. For further instructions on pointing your domain name, please refer to our additional video tutorial in the documentation.