This article will explain how to add clients to the Review Funnel to request reviews.

1. Get Reviews

Click the 'Get Reviews' tab on your Reputation Manager report (shown below within the red box).


2. Send Campaigns

Email Campaigns: Contacts can be uploaded in bulk, via CSV, or entered manually using the 'Single' send screen. You'll need to confirm that you have the right to contact these people — whichever sending format you choose.


Single send email: Here, you can manually enter the details for a single contact.


Multiple send email: On this screen, you can upload your contacts in bulk, with a maximum of 100 contacts per CSV file.


Once your contacts have been successfully uploaded, and both the 'Terms & Conditions' and 'Privacy Policy' agreements have been confirmed, you can then send campaigns.


SMS Campaigns: Just like email campaigns, you can choose to send in bulk or to a single contact.


First, select which country you are sending the campaign to (see the red box below):


If you want to send campaigns to contacts in more than one country, you'll need to upload separate CSV files for each country.

You'll also see the credit panel on the right-hand side of the send screen — this shows your current credit balance on account, as well as the price per SMS in each country, which varies to account for different carrier pricing in specific countries.

If you have fewer than 100 credits in your account, we'll also show you an option to purchase more credits before sending your campaign. Don't forget, if you've scheduled a follow up campaign, you'll need twice as many credits as you have contacts.

Please note: We only send follow ups to those who do not engage with the first message. 



3. Get Request URLs

Here is where you can access links for both Link Mode and Kiosk Mode campaigns.


Once your template is set up and you've chosen review sites, you can click on the green 'Get Request URLs' button to add these into email signatures, on a location, or wherever it suits you best.